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Over the past few weeks, I have been attending to badminton practices. These practices always left me stressful in the end, as I thought over how unfair the coach was being. I have wanted to be a doubles badminton player, but that meant I had to have a partner. Every time I found a partner one practice, the next time the coach would pair her up with someone else. I felt really insulted when it happened for three times. Another thing that angered me was the fact that the coach didn’t even care if I won the games, he had his favourites already, and he was neglecting the rest. He said he was considering people to be on the team, but I always found that I was paired against a person he equally neglected. Once, I partnered up with the neglected person, and actually won against one of his favourites, and he acted so surprised I was, once again, insulted. What pisses me off even more is that we ALL had to pay $30.00 even if we didn’t make the team, at the beginning. When it came to making the team, all my former partners made it, and I knew I wouldn’t have made it. But it doesn’t hurt to hope… But now, I’m conflicted. The coach said people who paid can still go to practices, but I don’t know if I should. Ahh,  badminton was supposed to make me happy, now it’s pissing me off.


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